As things start to become more uncertain again, and we are faced with the possibility of further restrictions, possibly over our winter months, now might be the time to reflect back. On a personal level, what learning can you take from how you managed lockdown restrictions previously? What worked well for you? What habits did you form that helped you cope? Were there things you did or routines you got into that weren’t so helpful?

Now might be a good time to try and make a bit of a plan of personal do’s and don’ts. What are the things that will help you stay mentally and physically well – maybe write them down somewhere now so that you have them to hand in the future. Making a bit of a plan and having some element in control of a potentially challenging situation can help it feel more manageable.

Feel free to comment below to share ideas of what worked for you. The top one for me is making sure I get out for a walk in nature, even if it’s just 10 minutes every day – whatever the weather.